Retreat  Alta Vista is an ideal setting for many kinds of retreat. It offers facilities

which are freely available to participants and provide an abundant backdrop to the specific themes and activities of individual retreats.  

We’ve hosted retreats for special healing massage techniques, energy healing, transformational experiences, medicinal ceremonies, healing through silence. We are open to different healing modalities. And the following activities can be enjoyed by any retreat participants:

  1. Drink, shower, swim in pure spring water
  2. All the water on the farm comes straight from the mountain
  1. The Soldiers’ Way from Top Terrace to the Stone Circle
  2. Black Forest path – over the top of the land from Top terrace to the plunge pool
  3. River Walk – shaded, meandering path down to the bottom of the land and back
  1. Try breathwork practices – or just breathe gently in and out - on the high terraces.
  2. Slow down, inhale and enjoy the feel of just-plain “fresh air”
  1. By the reflective world of the Middle Pond
  2. In the eucalyptus and cork forest
  3. By running water on ‘the beach’
  1. Hangout in the hammocks under the trees
  2. Two swings under the big cork oak trees have enchanted guests of all ages.
  3. Get hot sunbathing by the pool, and then get cool in the plunge pool in natural mountain spring water
  1. Far away from city light pollution, the skies of Monchique offer crystal clear views of the heavens and beyond. Occasional meteor showers in summer.
  2. Sit, look up and start counting...

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